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Tarik Black is an imposing 6-foot-9, 250-pound young black man with so many tattoos from his neck down that he lost count

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In league circles, Divac’s hire was met with raised eyebrows. As a scout for the Lakers, and after a spell running Serbia’s Olympic Committee, he had been largely removed from the NBA for nearly a decade. To cynics who perceived the Kings’ basketball operations arm as dysfunctional, the appointment of Divac was indicative of Ranadive’s inability to admit that there’s a lot about basketball he doesn’t know.

Sources close to the Kings’ nerve center say chief operating officer Matina Kolokotronis was the catalyst behind Divac’s hire. “She’s the only person in the organization that Vivek really trusts,” says a longtime league executive. “She’s the connective tissue of the organization. Her institutional knowledge is second to none, and she’s politically wired in Sacramento. She knows where every body is buried.” Now in her 20th season with the Kings, Kolokotronis is the team’s one-woman ode to continuity. She has done it all, including negotiating player contracts, housing international players in her guest house, running the team’s foundation and working the back channels of Sacramento’s civic power structure. Her critics see her as a consigliere who is far too involved in basketball matters.

Sources say that Kolokotronis saw Divac’s predecessors in management, Pete D’Alessandro and Chris Mullin, as driven by self-interest and prone to cracking on Ranadive on background to the media. League sources say that after the NBA’s vice president of basketball operations Kiki Vandeweghe declined an offer from the team following general manager D’Alessandro’s departure in June 2015, the Kings turned to Divac in the name of finding someone who would be loyal to Ranadive at a moment when the franchise’s favorability ratings needed a boost.

Game Youth Terrence Cody Jersey Tarik Black is an imposing 6-foot-9, 250-pound young black man with so many tattoos from his neck down that he lost count. As an NBA player, the Memphis, Tennessee, native might fit the stereotype. But knowing he is usually judged at first sight, the eccentric Los Angeles Lakers big man loves to spark conversation with a nervous woman clutching her purse or a fan who sees him as just a jock.

I have to ask the question: Mr. Brady, who exactly are you?

Cherry was hit by this moment from the blind side. He was helping at this event only because his wife was serving as a volunteer. He had no clue he was walking into a day that would inspire him to help protect two dozen orphans in Thailand from the scourge of extreme poverty, drugs, sex trafficking and education-free childhoods.

He was meant to be in this place, at this time. “To be there,” he said, “was to see scenes of humanity at its best.”

Cherry was moved by a presentation that included the image of a starving, emaciated child in a faraway land and of a nearby vulture apparently waiting for the child to die. “I’m a father with four kids, and something like that really puts you in your place,” he said. “You’re thinking, ‘Oh my gosh, someone is actually living like that.’ And here I am throwing some of my food away.”

Game Womens Russell Wilson Jersey Not that Cherry couldn’t relate, on some level, to the struggle to survive one day and advance to the next. He grew up poor around Oakland and Berkeley, California. He said his family spent some time on welfare, and he often tried to get by on a diet of french fries. Cherry tells the story of being without phone service in his home for three years because his father had given him money to compete in a high-level track meet in Texas. “We never recovered financially from that,” he said.

Game Womens Sean Weatherspoon Jersey ¡°Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me: I lift my lamp beside the golden door.¡± With only a week and some change into a new presidency, that light has dimmed. And with Super Bowl LI upon us ¡ª I can¡¯t help but wonder if Brady¡¯s mom told him the same thing mine told me: ¡°Show me your friends and I¡¯ll tell you who you are.¡± As a Patriots fan of color, I have to ask the question: Mr. Brady, who exactly are you?