Julio Jones is just like you, except he’s one of the NFL’s best receivers

Julio Jones is a wide receiver who continues to push the boundaries on what we believe humans to be capable of. It’s why he’s become the most beloved athlete in Atlanta since Chipper Jones decided to hang up the bat and glove.

He was destined for greatness in Atlanta early on. In high school, he earned the nickname Waffle House because he was always open. A Falcons receiver with that nickname — a beloved Atlanta-based chain — is almost too good to be true.
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Julio Jones makes plays that send a jolt of energy through your body. His 2016 season was a complete display of this, making plays through the end of the Super Bowl. The starting point to enjoying any player in any sport, is resonating with their style of play. Jones offers that.

Of course, the real questions start piling up after 2017. What does this team do after Cousins is gone? They have several other key players (Pryor, DeAngelo Hall, Zach Brown, Murphy) hitting free agency next year, with no guarantee that all of them will stay. How many of them follow Jackson and Garcon out the door to avoid the constant drama?
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It wasn’t that long ago that Washington had a franchise QB and tantalizing potential, only to see the whole thing implode over in-fighting and power struggles. They got lucky with Cousins waiting in the wings after RGIII’s demise, but with Cousins almost certainly leaving, they once again have more questions than answers. This franchise seems destined to repeat the same mistakes over and over again.

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