NBA trade deadline winners and losers: Lack of movement keeps Cavs, Warriors on top

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In the end, Deadline Day itself was a yawner for the NBA. Not that there was no action — hey, earlier this week, DeMarcus Cousins got traded, and Serge Ibaka was dealt before that. But Thursday passed with mostly minor deals and a good bit of indignance among fans who were quite sure they could do the jobs of their local general managers better.

But there were winners, and there were losers. Here’s how we size them up now that the deadline has passed.

The Jazz are slated to begin paying Rudy Gobert $93 million over the next four years, and will likely have to pay Gordon Hayward a contract that begins in the $30 million per year range after next season. Should Favors, who has been battling a knee problem all year, bounce back next year and produce like he had been (16.4 points, 8.1 rebounds last season), he will be in line for a major raise, too. Not the same money as Hayward, but in the $20-million–plus range, which would put the Jazz in the difficult position of committing about $80 million to the trio of Gobert, Hayward and Favors beginning in 2018-19.

Over the coming months, ESPN will lay off multiple anchors, reporters and analysts to save tens of millions of dollars in costs. Many of them will be household names you’ve watched for years.

Game Womens Junior Galette Jersey One big reason for the pending bloodbath is that the Worldwide Leader in Sports overpaid for NBA TV rights, according to ex-ESPNer Howie Schwab. ESPN, then, is basically sending its business partner a message that it’s not happy.

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