So we’re seven weeks into the great Tony Romo Experiment at CBS. What have we learned?

We spoke late Saturday night, before Romo did Cincinnati-Pittsburgh on Sunday. Romo was Romo. This is the way I’d describe him: He loves football. He loves talking about football. He loves opining about football. He loves putting himself in the shoes of the defense and trying to figure out what the defensive coordinator is going to call. He’s been like this for years—just listen to my 2016 podcast with him to find out how he thinks. When you’re done with that, you’ll believe he had the chops for TV, and the only thing you’d wonder is whether he could be economical with his language, and could he speak to those who don’t know football as well. So far, he’s done both.

The Bengals have won three of their past four to get them back into the playoff picture, but their upcoming schedule is concerning. Cincinnati plays its next three on the road — at the Jaguars, Titans and Broncos — and they’ve lost eight straight road games outside of Cleveland.

Jackson striving for perfection – The Browns are still winless after their defeat to the Vikings at Twickenham and under-pressure coach Hue Jackson knows what needs to happen for that to change.

“Everything has to be perfect for us to have a chance to win a football game,” Jackson said. “But we all know that’s not how football is played. You can’t be perfect.” So the Browns need to be perfect but can’t be perfect. Sounds like a problem.

Thielen steals FIFA-inspired celebration – Adam Thielen’s soccer-style knee-slide celebration after his score for the Vikings pleased the London crowd, but it may not have been entirely his own idea.

He explained: I always played FIFA and stuff like that growing up, and seeing those guys celebrate, I kind of got inspiration from that. Supposedly, I stole it. [Vikings tight end] Kyle [Rudolph] did it in practice the other day and I must have saw it and wanted to do it, too, but I beat him to the punch, I guess.”

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