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Vanessa is crying a lot because Nick is dating three other women

¡°We¡¯re gonna do something you¡¯ve never done before,¡± says Rachel, and I¡¯m like, ¡°What, successfully finish this show?¡± Zing.

Then Rachel takes Nick to her church, which is predominantly black. Nick loves it. In fact, Nick is showing a side of himself that we haven¡¯t seen yet. He¡¯s open, he¡¯s joking, he¡¯s ¡ª oh, God, he¡¯s fun. I like this Nick. He says he feels more comfortable with himself when he¡¯s with Rachel than with the other women.

¡°They made you feel welcome,¡± Rachel says of going to church. ¡°You were great!¡±

And then Nick goes, ¡°I¡¯m not color blind.¡± And I fall off my bed.

In a world where we so regularly hear clueless white idiots go, ¡°I don¡¯t see color!¡± this is a very good thing to put on national TV. The bar shouldn¡¯t be so low as to make me applaud when a white person says something that is baseline not-moronic about race, but it is, and here we are, so good on you, Nick, I guess.
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The episode wraps up at a hotel in NYC before the rose ceremony. Vanessa is crying a lot because Nick is dating three other women. I think she was way more invested in finding love ¡ª as opposed to building her #brand ¡ª because she seems pretty bummed that Nick hasn¡¯t just scrapped the whole thing and chosen her already. She also has said multiple times that she went on this show for him once she knew he¡¯d be The Bachelor.

Authentic Mens Dwayne Harris Jersey In short: I think Vanessa was too right about the reasons.

We think Vanessa is going to talk to Nick in his hotel room, but, PLOT TWIST: it turns out that the feet walking down the hall actually belong to Andi, the woman Nick was in love with the first time he was on The Bachelorette.