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Geno Smith visiting Seahawks

Geno Smith already visited the Chargers. Now, the quarterback is on his way to Seattle, Pat Leonard of the New York Daily News reports.

Smith, 27, made his only start in Week 13 last season, breaking Eli Manning‘s consecutive games played streak. Smith has not played anywhere other than New York in his career.

The “perfect” DFS lineup for the early afternoon slate on Sunday included Lance Stephenson and Domantas Sabonis (who set a new career-best scoring mark) of the Indiana Pacers, as the team is settling into the fifth seed and chose to curb the minutes and workloads of Thaddeus Young and Myles Turner.

The ideal lineup for the 1:00 p.m. ET slate also included Malik Monk of the Charlotte Hornets, Taurean Prince of the Atlanta Hawks and Dennis Smith Jr. of the Dallas Mavericks; young players on teams long since out of the playoff picture, who have been afforded alpha roles on their respective offenses.

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San Francisco police say they are seeking Smith after he “fled the scene” where officers had responded to a domestic-violence complaint. The victim says Smith bit her wrists and climbed out her window. According to The Mercury News, a San Francisco dispatcher says Smith had drank two bottles of tequila and was possibly heading back to his Oakland residence in his Range Rover.

As police seek Smith in their investigation of the domestic-violence complaint, Smith posts a cryptic photo to his Instagram account, saying “Wtfoh you all are wrong.” It’s unclear where the photo of pavement was taken.