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MLB has a list of approved substances.

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The Chargers, relocating to L.A. from San Diego, began accepting refundable deposits in January, announced ticket prices a month later. While existing season-ticket holders from San Diego were able to renew at StubHub later in February (good luck with that), season tickets went on sale to new customers March 9, Pro Football Talk reported, citing an unidentified team source.

So it took roughly two weeks to sell out, which sounds pretty good … until put in this context: In July 2016, the relocating Rams — the Chargers’ future landlords at a new stadium in Inglewood — sold 70,000 season tickets for L.A. Coliseum in six hours, the Los Angeles Times reported.
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MLB has a list of approved substances. You should, in theory, know what’s OK to take. It wouldn’t seem wise to go off the list, no matter how innocent something seems. If nothing else, the list of players who claim to be surprised when they test positive for a banned substance should illustrate the the danger in this.

Will you warn other players about falling victim to lack of knowledge when it comes to this stuff?

I ask for forgiveness for unintentionally disrespecting so many people who have trusted in my work and have supported me so much, Marte said in his statement. Perhaps it would be good to let other players know what new things you’ve used this season so they can avoid them. This wouldn’t necessarily have to be done publicly, but it seems like you could spread the word quickly through MLB clubhouses.