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Marvin Lewis: Joe Mixon ‘should show maturity just like everybody else’

Cincinnati Bengals coach Marvin Lewis, responding to Joe Mixon’s comments about not getting any second-half carries against the Pittsburgh Steelers, said the rookie running back needs to grow up.

ABC15 in Arizona reported that the 65-year-old coach has told those close to him that he plans to step down at the end of the season.

Arians, who is in his fifth season with the Cardinals, has battled health scares in recent years.

In February, Arians had surgery to remove a cancerous piece of his kidney. He was diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma on Dec. 15, three days before Arizona hosted the New Orleans Saints in its home finale, after a cancerous spot was detected on his kidney during a doctor’s visit earlier in the week. Arians said the diagnosis didn’t affect the rest of his season.

The Falcons and Bucs have lost three straight. The Panthers have lost two straight. The Saints, meanwhile, have won four in a row. Who will win the NFC South?

Bowen: Saints. That defense was gashed the first two weeks of the season, but the young secondary has developed quickly with game reps. On offense, coach Sean Payton is using that versatile combo of Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara at running back to complement Drew Brees and one of the best scripted passing attacks in the NFL. Given the issues we see with the Atlanta offense, the up-and-down season of Cam Newton and the sporadic play of the Bucs, I like the Saints to end up on top in the South.

Graziano: Panthers. As much fun as the Saints’ improved defense has been as an early-season storyline, I like Carolina’s defense as a better bet to sustain itself through the season. The Panthers have had three games this season in which they haven’t allowed an offensive touchdown. Of course, they also have had two in which they didn’t score an offensive touchdown. But the offensive consistency should improve once they find a running game, which could be as simple as feeding the ball to Christian McCaffrey between the tackles a little bit.chargers_104

You can play really well and catch three balls for 50 yards.

“The bottom line is as skill players, they want the ball,” Monken said Tuesday. “Let’s just say it like it is. Running backs want touches. They want a chance to showcase their abilities. Receivers want the ability to showcase their talents. Quarterbacks want to throw it [and] want a chance to showcase their abilities. But, this isn’t baseball where I step into the batter’s box and I have my opportunity. This isn’t basketball where I can create my own shot.

“As receivers, you’re dependent on a lot of factors to get the ball. You can play really well and catch three balls for 50 yards. And you can play poorly and end up with eight catches for 100 yards and to the naked eye, you think you’ve had a great game.

“Bottom line is we’ve got to do it better [and] we’ve got to practice it better, so when the opportunities come up, we hit those. It’s all of us. It doesn’t matter what position, but there is only one ball. I told the guys, ‘There’s only one ball.’ When you’ve got multiple skill players that are capable of making plays usually someone is being pulled to the podium and someone is upset. That’s just the way it works. I mean there is only one ball. That’s the way it works. DeSean is a really good football player and we do everything we can with all of our players to put them in a position to be successful. We’ve just got to continue to work at.”

Tight end Tyler Eifert hasn’t been to practice since Week 2, and Bengals coach Marvin Lewis declined to give an update on Eifert’s timetable. Eifert has been dealing with a back issue, similar to last season’s problem that put him on injured reserve. The Bengals are on a bye next week, which could help his chances of a return in the future. — Katherine Terrell